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Can be a tough decision. 

From the moment the bride becomes engaged, thousands of thoughts flood her mind. 

There is so much to do and sometimes so little time. 

The first thing the newly engaged couple needs to figure out is when will this wedding take place. 

Are you in a rush? Do you want a quick wedding? Or are you more traditional and want to wait 1-2 years before the wedding?

So now it's time to choose the date, at least the month. 

Have you always wanted a specific theme-wedding, do you have a favorite season?

Some brides have always dreamed about getting married in the summer-time, outside with the gorgeous green scenery. 

Other brides love winter, and would much rather have a winter-wonderland themed wedding. 

These are all things you must take into consideration. 

Also, think about the guests you are inviting. If you have family that has to come from out of town, when can they make it? Is it easier for them to come during the summer time versus spring?

Another thing is money and budget, sometimes even flower decorations are more expensive during the cold season. Flowers are more abundant during the summer time, and therefore will be more cost effective during this time. 

In the end, the most important thing is that the couple makes a decision in unison. At times brides forget to include their other half in such decisions, but remember it's his wedding too. 

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Good luck. 

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